Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working life sucks

Day before yesterday was my first day in internship training. It was full of excitement at first. But once I was brief with the project that the company did, I'm totally disappointed with it. It was an Interior Construction company that I went in to. They only do Kitchen and Wardrobe. Damn I HATE KITCHEN !! Nevertheless, their kitchen are all fixed design and measurement, all they did is to fit in the space given.

The first day sucks. I was sitting at my table from 9am to 1pm(Lunchtime) and then 2pm to 6pm. In the meantime I also do arranged some materials and that's it.. I called it a day .. grrrrr I hate it when I have nothing to do.. It makes me sleepy.

The second day was better. I sat from 9am till 1pm and after lunch I was given a task that was not under my field.Anyway our job title are PROJECT SALES instead of INTERIOR DESIGNER. I was told to design a Exhibition Panel for a client in Dubai using Illustrator and Photoshop. The given laptop has Illustrator but it couldn't save. >.<>

Today was the third day, I knew I shouldn't blog during office hour. I'm way to sleepy and totally sick of looking at the Illustrator and Photoshop :( I was blogging half way and many of the colleagues rushed down. Everyone was shouting SUMMONS SUMMONS. haha and of course I'm one of the them that doesn't pay the parking ticket. Grabbed my purse and car key and ran to my car. Luckily I managed to get to my car before the bandaraya do.

Better get back to work.. bye :(

Still have time to camwhore using my webcam. geng~ Shhhhh Gotta go.. bye

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