Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bitten by lots of HUGE ANTS that has super duper sharp teeth and they VIBRATES !!!!

Taaaadaaaa.. After A year of so-called considering. I finally made up my mind and get it done. Do not laugh at me. I knew it's been ages since I said I'm getting a tattoo. Next Monday I'm going for my internship training. So I decided to get it done before that. You might think it's a bit rush but to me it's not :)

I was pretty nervous yesterday night. I wonder how would it feel. Couldn't really sleep well. Haha.. Cause most of my friend told me it's like ant bitting. Well of course I don't believe them. Piercing are easy job for me, I've already had 7. But injection could take my life away. I would have shouted my lungs out if I were to be injected. hahahah. I knew tattooing is even worse. I've tried poking it with toothpick, pen, pinching it and doing whatever I could think of. LOL (too 38)

Went to this tattoo artist that my friend introduced me. She is Kelly V from Inked Tattoo. My first impression for her its :" WHOAH so cool~ and she looks fierce" lol. I dare not even talk to her. I just tried to break the silence one in a while yesterday. We both worked out and finally picked a pink purplish lily flower. I also decided to get it done at the lower back. But actually she wasn't that cool, very friendly indeed. haha.. Sorry >.<>
Love the tattoo so much.. Kelly the best... weeee~~~

The duration was 3 hours. Luckily I have Bel, Chie, Yasmine & KK as company. Or else I think I'll be super nervous. Thanks guys, appreciate lots..
We are pretty noisy but it was fun ;)

Sotong & her tattoo artist Kelly V

SWELL !!! but nice right :)

~The Progress~

I couldn't believe I'm saying this. But It really feels like drawing by using artline pen. Kinda itchy. Some colouring parts are painful, but I could bare with it. So not that bad I guess. But I could definitely say that tattoo is addictive ~ wahahahhaha

More update soon~

Dad bought us a condo in Mont Kiara, will be shifting in soon. weeee~ Finally we get to stay by our own. But then still have to come back for dinner..

Good night peeps,

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