Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Having Fun while rushing my 3D.. haha

Have Fun~ ngiek ngiek XDeverybody look so tense.

my cute little pink hippo ^^

i stole bel's froggie.. haha

LOL... uncle max

She will kill me when she saw this

he is teaching us about the lighting and I'm playing with my hippo. XD

Waiting for my 3D max to render... SUPER LAG.. argh!!!

Hippo & Froggie

Uncle Max is correcting my lighting but I'm still playing with the hippo ><

Bah~ I wish I could just have a rest from all the 3D thingy..

HaHa I'm lame.. everybody is rushing their ass off for the internal presentation this thursday.. And I'm snaping photos of my pink hippo and Bel's froggie.. while waiting for my 3d to render.. But who cares. If I keep continue doing without having some rest.. I might going nuts.. haha

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