Friday, July 31, 2009

.... We've got issue~

Hmmmmm sem break is just 2 weeks away. That means final presentation is coming soon too.
Time passes very very fast.. Its like Shhhsssshh and its August. I still can remember the day I was making mooncake with Bel and mooncake festival is coming soon again. wow.. thats really really fast.

Ahha~ lets see what can I plan for my sem break:
- Going to restock my clothes and shop for more design, in the meantime travelling around and eat eat eat !!!
- Going to redesign and renovate my room.. Paint it PINKER than the original baby pink.. I'll add some wallpaper and draw something on them.
- TIdy my clothes, give out all the unwanted or maybe buy a new wardrobe? LOL.. dad will definately kill me.. XD
-Buy new furniture for my room.. that will cost me a BOOM.. sigh..
-Go penang and visit Jenn if I could. hmm and of course the local food over there.. =p
-Propose a brand new interior design for my house ( I promised dad cause Bel and I are leaving to overseas soon).
-FInd some jobs... desperately need them for extra pocket money and expenses..

That's all i think... Let's just see if I can do it all first =3

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