Saturday, August 1, 2009

Spent Spent Spent~

Went to the curve today.. The traffic sucks, maybe because of the protest that was going on earlier or some said the pc fair or some career fair in MV. But seriously, I can't stand how people drive on the road (I'm not saying that I'm a pro driver or what ><). It was a 3 lanes highway, and i got stucked there for more than 1 hour because there are 5 lanes of car.. swt.. Most of the car wanted to go to KL or towards MV which has only one lane. So everyone stucked at the traffic light junction where cars cut queue and no one willing to give way for the others. After I crossed the junction, the traffic was never that smooth. I only can see not more than 10 cars. Maybe no one dare not to go out? but the opposite lane was totally congested.. not moving at all.

Back to the curve.. It was suppose to be an outing to do our assignments. But we spent the time to shop more than sittting down at starbucks doing our work. haha.. Couldn't resist.. XD
I bought this flower hair clip and I totally fall in love with it.. Though it looks kinda huge on me.. but I like it <3>

~Part of my collection~

The clip is gorgeous.. isnt it?
Well, ignore the colour of my stupid hair.
haha.. it looks huge.. but i love it <3

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