Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shopping spree in PC fair.

Went to pc fair today... the crowd was what we expected... Packed like SARDIN =.=" Quickly rush to get what we want... My Plushy pink external hard disc and Bel's bloody red ones. Because both of us have tons of works waiting us at home, so we promised each other to get our stuff and leave the place asap.. NO SHOPPING !! We went to WD booth. They don't have plushy pink hard disc .. sob sob.. So I was disappointed and I decided to check out every booth just to get a plushy pink hard disc.. wakakkaa.. what a mad woman i am.. XD While checking out all the booths in 3 hall. We spotted Nikon booth... kekekekek =D So we kepo went to check the price of Nikon D5000.. It was cheaper.. Normal selling price was RM3100 but Pc fair was selling at RM 2870.. Cheaper by a few hundred bucks.. But they have lots of freebies.. original ones.. Both of us heart shake shake.. So i asked Bel to call papa.. and she did.. After negotiating for like 20 minutes.. Call and call.. discuss and discuss.. They finally came up with a conclusion --> Buy there !! but with CASH =.=" swt... So we got to goyang back to klcc and queue at the atm. (fyi, before we went to pc fair, we was talking bad about ppl queue-ing in the atm that they are stupid because if they decided to get something in the pc fair, they should have bring enough money ).. Who knows we got to be the stupid ones.. sigh... Q there for like more than 20 minutes cause most of the atm machines are not available..I need to withdraw 3k. and the stupid machine only allow to withdraw 500 each time so I have to do 6 times.. and finally at the 5t time, people behind my queue is yelling and scolding that we took such a long time.. =.= So, we only manage to took 2.5k and we need to dig up another 500 .. haiz...Luckily Bel paid rm50 deposit to the guy cause they left the last kit.. hahahaha and here we go.. D5000... wakakakkakakakakka =D Once she got her cam. non stop camwhoring and tryong out the functions.. =.= We even unleash both 3 dogs trying to take some nice pic. but we failed.. these are some shots from the brand new d5000.. more to learn ~ :)

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