Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm unlucky today...

sigh~ Should I say my life is miserable? exciting? or unlucky..
I guess I'll pick unlucky =.=
Went to the bank early in the morning, dad wanted to queue for some bond thingy that need me to sign. Didn't really sleep well the night before.. I kept woke up and check if my 3d render is running, but unfortunately, it was not running at all and I often have pop up error $%^&*^%$%^&%#
Waited in the bank from 9:30am till 2pm... zzzzz mad ppl.. I dont understand why they work so slow..zzzz In between that period, I went back home like twice just to check and make sure my rendering is working.. But everytime I went back, it has a fatal error or soemthing.. zzz!!!
Then I finally signed the documents and rush back home cause my plan was going to the gym and then head to school to find help fixing my 3d.It was raining.. I saw a paper sticking on the windscreen of my car, I knew it was not some leaflets or brochure. So I winded down the window and took it. It was a SUMMON ~!!!!!! WTH.. raining also so hardworking. I just stopped my car not more then half and hour.. and it was raining.. why the cars beside me aint getting those summon? They don't have the parking ticket with them though.. NOT FAIR ~!!! stupid stupid stupid %^&%$#%^&%$#
Due to the time I wasted in the bank, I only managed to stay at the gym for only 30 minutes... (I don't know why I still go... ) and sitting at the school till it closed at 6pm.
Okay, so pratically, everything I wanted to today weren't done and I'm going to bed now.. at 853 pm... good night

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