Friday, August 14, 2009

This is SUCKS ...

After 3 months of assignments rushing period, my retail semester has came to an end yesterday . It was our final presentation. Compare to the last semester, this sem I was less fear and well prepared. And I've got the lucky no.1 , the first one to start the presentation. For my presentation, I have 6 judges, my principle and next sem lecturer came to judge. There is another senior too, i wonder why he can participate at the judging..zzz
My presentation started quite smooth until the last part, which is the Q&A part, where I show all my artwork and the judges will ask question about them. I was stucked when one of the lecturer asked me about my concept and inspiration of this retail project. He said I used only partially of it but not totally. He might have his point but I do have mine too. I think that if I picked a concept or getting any inspiration from anyone, I can use just partially of it or them. But too bad he didn't think so.I still stand at my point..
All 7 of my classmates had problem with their concept and theme. Sigh, thought that we can have a relaxing and fun break. who knows this happened.. argh !!~

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