Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Sem break (Part 1) =)

Yay~ Finally its sem break.. After all the rushing and stuff we only get 2 weeks off.. Aiyo... why so short !!!~~ Come on, at least 3 weeks, then that is acceptable.. wakakakka..
Right after my break, i'm leaving to Bangkok on monday (16th Aug) .. I'm just busy unpacking my stuff thats why I just uploaded it now.. =p
It was suppose to be a business trip but it ended up as my shopping trip. I think I really need to consider getting a new wardrobe.. XD

This is Shredded crab meat with shanghai noodles.. Love it. Its so yummy !!!!
It was at a Teow Cheow Restaurant. I couldn't believe that I went there and ate Teow Cheow food. But it tastes soooooo good...

Compare to the Noodles over here, we either eat them dry with soy sauce or with soup. But in Thailand, they eat with sugar, dried chili, some spices and a bowl of soup.. Yummmmeeeee

Wakakakakaka. I'll never forget this. Annabel will kill me. This is what she misses the most..
The SHARKFIN soup.. wahahahaha =D its the whole fin inside.. and for sure its way better than any sharkfin you can find in here. *yum yum* and I even went for the 2nd time before I go to the airport.. haha pity daddy.

This is the wan tan soup like I mentioned above. Those Wan Tan are so so so good.
Their pork are cooked and the skin are not too thick. ngam ngam hor... *thumbs up*

This is what they called "Tok Tok Meen" (I translated)
Annabel can eat 3 bowls in a time. XD

This was from the stall beside the road. I think not many people dare to eat there due to the unhygience location. But we were attracted by the food.. so who cares.... keke
Grilled prawns? or lobster? I really don't know... as long it tastes good.

The Thai Salad. Very spicy but it works pretty well as an appetizer.
It contains shredded papaya, mango, cuttle fish, peanuts, tomato, chillis, lime, soft shell crab, etc etc.

This is something I ordered randomly from the menu. It was called the "Mama seafood Yum"
OMG. It was the best magee I ever tasted, its a bit sourish, spicy and errr I really don't know how to put words on it..

Hahaha.. and this is the fish that attracted us to eat there. They put lots and lots of salt on the skin of the face and they stuck lemongrass into the mouth and grilled them.. You can definately taste the freshness of the fish and its not salty at all. *thumbs up up up up*

I found this uncle that is really talented. he bends coloured wires to form words, he can do it in thai, english, mandarin and even japanese... PRO... It only takes him not more than 5 minutes to finish one.

Here comes the shopping list =.=
Studded belt, I don't know why I get them. Maybe its because I'm in love with studded stuff.. kekeke

Studded bangle. haha. got myself both colours and I bought all they have to sell in my online boutique =.=

Studded shoes.. I always want one and I finally bought it..
But hmmm what should I wear with.. LOL

I bought this at the night market , It costs me rm10. LOL and I just try and grab it.. >.<
nice what....

hahaha, I really don't know why I bought this. It is made in Japan. So I went Thailand and buy Japan's stuff.. haha but its cheap. =p

Lol.. The top thing I put on my shopping list.. wakakakaka
Spend more than a hour to find the shop that sell this size. =.=
Black was so hot that most of the shop sold out.

A vintage bag.. hahahaha
So cute..

Bought this from Naraya. And I also bought one for Maria.
I'm in love with floral print.. :)

Another floral print bag from naraya. :)


Vest.. Okay.. Now I have got one so don't say that I'm too girlish okaaaay =.="

These are cheap. They only left with certain sizes and luckily I can fit.. wakakakakakak...

----To Be Continued---

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