Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Stage of rearranging my room.

Okaaaay, I really did what I promised by arranging all my stuff in my room and dump all the unuse stuff. So I started with this thngy I bought in The Store..
This is really useful although it is meant for hardware stuff like screws, etc etc.
I put all my accessories, my eye shadows, my rings, my bracelet, bangles and so on into it.. So, I won't have hard time finding my suff when I need them. Its only RM 48. Well it has 39 drawers, the big ones and the smaller ones.

It is clear plastic, so you can't see thru. You can even label it :)

See.. It is so spacious, I can even put all my floral hair clip into it...<3>

The small ones is pretty usefull too.. See, it fits all my necklaces and rings =)

Another good part of this cabinet is they have this part where you can slot in cardboard or buy the plastic compartment from the mall so you can make them into 3 different parts.

Since I have so many leftover cardboard from my projects, I might as well make full use of them. Save money in a way too ^^

~~ Picture Of the day ~~

Having putu mayam and enjoying my True Blood Season 2 Episode 10.. weeee~

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