Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I don't need a new wardrobe anymore.. XD

As I wrote in the past few post, I said that I'm going to tidy up my room. And here I am.. Tidying my wardrobe... =D For those who have seen my clumsy, untidy, rubbish dump room or anything you can think of to describe, now you guys can zip it up.. wakakakaka. My maid is impressed of what I've done too.. ngiek ngiek XD

Let's start with Bel's room.

(Copy cat)

Okaaaaay.. So not fair. She has the maid with her..
and all she needs to do is to give order.. hmmmmph !!!
And look, she just dump on the clothes on the bed and my poor maid need to fold and hang them into the wardrobe... pity Maria.. sigh~ =D

Here is Bel, with her camera and some shirt she found.
This shirt was some shirt she weared when she was 6? Imagine that... =.="
She can still fit them well, so that means she did not really grow? wakakakkakaka
maybe horizontally in some part? kekeke you guys know where is meant.
I don't know why did she wear her uniform with that shirt. but as what I was told,
she found this brand new uniform and she is graduating soon? >..< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
These are only 50% of the clothes we couldn't wear or giving away. Imagine us keeping them in our wardrobe for years.. and dad keep complaining that we have too much clothes.
hahaha.. Now we have more space, so do we get to buy more clothes???? :)

ahha.. now my turn.. This is after I tidy up and get rid of all the unwanted stuffs.
Please don't say its still messy, it is a lot better than what it used to be XD
I even hang all my swimsuits okaaay =.=

Lol.. all my unwanted jeans. Some I couldn't fit in anymore, some is still brand new =.=
Haha.. i'm not trying to say that I'm a shopaholic, all those jeans are from my dad. He keeps giving us new jeans whenever he has new design. and I seldom wear jeans.. That is why ..

Taaadaaaaaa... Please say its tidy... come on... :)
Now my wardrobe is at least organized and I need to dig when I need something.

My so-called-huge-wardrobe.
I insist getting such a big one so I can fit everything inside.
But now I need a cupboard to fit all my assignments and projects. =.+

After the whole session of tidying, I was down dating with Mr. Zhou and forgive me with all the mess on my bed.. haha

~~A Picture a Day~~

In love with this high waist short.. hahaha, my gym consultant love it too <3

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