Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday on the way back from Sunway Pyramid, dad asked me why I seldom hang out with my classmates. Hmmmm, if he didn't ask me, I'll never noticed that its been a long time since I hang out with them... LOL.. I know this sounds like I only find them when I need them. But, I see them everyday, just that we are not that close after some conflicts in the class >< Well, I think I should plan something this sem break.. wakakaka XD After those incident, I thought things can get back like the past, but the truth is people will never forget the past, especially the bad ones. No matter how hard we try to patch back, it seemed useless..
All I hope is we all can be crazy like usual, do all the crazy stuff together, laugh at each other.. "being sarcastic" and bully the weaks.. lol we are so bad But at least I did my best, no matter what happened, I'm still there for you guys. love ya all <3

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