Sunday, January 11, 2009

Abandoned Blogspot... sobsss T_T

Hmm... Im not really sure if people still check out my blog and tag me in their blog cause I'm really unactive in this.. But I still check out all the linkies I have all the time.. Don't u guys worry =3 ngiek ngiek
Awww~ I really put on weight after my vacation and my so-called-term break. Its just a short term break, but I couldnt see how i put on weight. >.<" I guess its just because I really ate a lot.. I think this is the issue that most of the girls and woman are afriad of and most concern about.. No doubt Im definately one of them. LOL..
I do always head to the gym and do those stretching at home (all the time that kinda annoying according to bugs..haha)... until today when Vicky rang me up and we talked about this issue.. She told me that actually doing cardios won't make me slim!!! Cardio is just for building muscle and toning up...

Now help me~ I really need to know :
-can gym really help me slim down or just building muscle that will make me look HUGE?(cause i noticed that since i went to gym my thighs and arms look "stronger" than usual. Im just afriad if I continue I'll turn muscular)
-can dance class and gym make me slim down?
-If i do weightlifting, do I go for the weight that I can carry or 1lb heavier?

----Please leave your comment at the chatbox on your left, really appreciate it.. I really want to know them... Thanks a lot and sorry to those who think that this issue is stupid or what so ever----

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