Sunday, September 13, 2009

My first time setting up my own stall ><

I always thought setting up a stall at the flea market is easy. All we need to do is hang the clothes and arrange the stuff.
But it turned out to be different. GOSH~
It's so tiring and when business started to be good, there is when the chaos starts.
I ended up writting the wrong code, couldn't find the new dress, having problem with the plastic bags etc etc..
But it was good experience though. I get to know how to promote my things and errr deal with people who like to negotiate though the price is already very low? hahahaha =D
We were all exhausted and hungry.. Cause we don't have time to leave the booth.. And we only can munch our biscuits at the booth.. XD
The booth beside us were so relaxing.. From 10 am till 7pm, they were just playing UNO cards and poker.. even if they have customers.. =.=" How cool are they..
But we also have this funny guy that behind us that talks non stop and always wander around at all the stalls. haha x)

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