Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dream On Us O.O

Yeeeeepeeeeee.. Bel finished her trial exams...
Wish her luck on her result.. :)

She came to find me for movie after her exam.
Waited her in the gym from 1215pm till 4pm and I almost fall asleep in the sauna >< Worked out until my shirt all wets and both of my legs cramp..zzzz But luckily the movie is worthy.. We watched "Imagine That" by Eddie Murphy. He is always my all time favorite comedy actor :) Bought a Denim schedule book from ROXY. I always wanted one schedule book that you can refill once you finish using.. and so coincidence they have one.. wakakakaka XD It suites perfectly with my 10-coloured Hello Kitty pen.. ahahahhahaha =D perfect match *wink wink* I also bought a Hello Kitty Passport holder.. =.= All a sudden in love with all the Hello Kitty stuff.. swt


On the way back, Bel and I was discussing what we will look like in 10 years time. And these came out from our mind :

" I will be sitting in my office
helping you to settle your
divorce documents with your husband "

" You will be in my office asking me
to design a new office for you "

" I will be sitting at your office
waiting for you to settle those
documents for my new premises "

" You will be on the way with your
Private jet to Club Med and pay
me a visit "

" I will be on my private plane to my
own resort at the island I bought "

etc etc ..........


*knock knock*
It's time to wake up x)

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