Monday, September 21, 2009

100 % genuine Malaysian !!!

I'm definitely born Malaysian. ><
I don't know from what aspect I don't seem like one.
People kept asking me where I was from.
But if I wasn't, why I have button nose, bread face, fish eyes, etc etc
Not to say that Malaysian have those features.. Just me.
If I happened to be an ang moh, sure I'll have tall nose, gorgeous eyes, sexy lips... but I don't, those don't belong to me... wakakakkakaka x)
I'm grateful for what I had, though I always want more ><
Speaking of which, I'm also not a BANANA. I don't like being referred as a BANANA cause I'm chinese educated and I think I can speak fluent chinese.. No offense =x
I'm a MANGO.. haha both inner and outer part also yellow XD
But why I don't seem attractive to chinese? LOL... stupid Q.
I want chinese larrrrrrrr..
*stop laughing pls*
(For those who knew what the hell I'm talking about, please don't laugh)
60% of my friends are foreigner, Iran? Iraq? Turkey? etc etc ><
I thought it will be pretty hard for me to communicate with them.
But it turns out to be pretty fine. sometimes, chicken understand what the ducks are talking.. lol
ewwww, please don't kill me. I'm not saying that you guys ain't good.
I'm just confuse, why me? cause I look ASIAN? hahahahah =D
Don't whack me...=p
Anyway, I'm glad that I knew you guys. :)
And stop saying I'm fat. GRRRR..

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