Tuesday, September 22, 2009

STUPID F***ing bitch.

I have to make it clear. This post is not referring to any human being.

My poor Dorry. T_T
She was bitten by my stupid neighbor's dog.
Half of her ear was gone !!!! Damn it.
She fought so hard. Everyone thought the neighbor's dog got bitten.
But when I saw her with blood all over her head, I thought it was just the blood of the neighbor's dog.
I tried to wash them off. But I couldn't.
It was not the neighbor's dog. Its her blood.
Mimi and rocky kept barking, like they were trying to tell me Dorry was injured.
I see tears coming out from her eyes. (no kidding)
She was shivering.
I have blood all over my hands.
There's nothing I can do to make the blood stop.
Its midnight 1am. There is no doctor now.
I'm not sure if the clinic opens tomorrow. Its a public holiday :(

If I ever see you f***ing bitch anywhere near my house, you better beware.

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