Thursday, September 3, 2009


When I talked to you nicely, and ended up getting these kind of treatment, I rather bang myself against the wall than talking to you anymore.
I've already told you that I don't know how to draw that logo and you insist that I'm lazy or don't feel like drawing for you, go ahead and find some other people. Don't give me bullshit like I have a high performance Lappie and I will be able to draw that? Your lappie has a good specs too, why not you draw it by myself.
When you ask people to do something for you, you talk nicely, not ORDERING them. Cause you need their help.
Yea, I admit that I dragged your project for quite sometime , and i finished them in a night. What else do you expect, I'm not a professional and you are expecting something like a professional? Then go and seek a pro. =.="
Before I accept this work from you, I've already told you I'd try my best. And from the very beginning, I already said that I couldn't find any suitable font for the logo. And now you are blaming me that I neglected your work?
I don't even want to earn your few hundred bucks. I did it because you asked me to do so. I don't really give a damn even if you didn't pay me.
But now, even if you pay me, I won't do. Go and find some pro that can meet your requirement. Gd luck.

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