Thursday, September 3, 2009

My very 1st Virgin wholemeal wheat bread.. wakakakka =3

All a sudden feel like baking =.=" I think I'm interested in culinary arts, hahaha. Found mum's loaf maker so i decided to make a loaf of wholemeal wheat bread. Bla bla bla, I know the wholemeal kinda stuff doesn't sound interesting or something savor. But geeez I just love all those wholemeal and wheat thingy.. Although dad always call them "Bird Food".. kekeke =D
Went MV earlier today for gym session and had lunch with Kaveh (a Turkish friend I met recently).. He is nice and he also helped me on getting all the ingredients =.=" So pai sei >.<
So, this is a very healthy bread, I used nonfat dry milk, brown sugar, 100% organic wholemeal wheat bread flour, only 2 tbsp of low fat butter... But guess what.. It is so tasty that I've eaten up a quarter and I made the second loaf since I still have the ingredients. hahahahahha

This was my first loaf.. It seems a bit out of shape and errrr uneven surface..
But even my maid and Bel said it tastes good.
hahahahha I'm genius.

This is my second loaf, the imporved one... I waited until 12am. =.=

Taaaadaaaa I'm just sooooo oproud of myself, I couldn't believe that someone like me can actually bake...

Credits for my 4th yee ma (been bugging her the whole morning )
Maria & Bel (Thanks for being the tester... )

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