Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lazy to post >.<

Finally got my result and luckily I PASSED.. And i got 3.5 GPA. After all the hardwork >.< But, she was pretty upset with what she had. I don't know what to do but all I can say is:" Although they did not appreciate what you did, but we all knew you tried your best and we were all impressed with what you did.You did a great job!! Awesome work you have there. So, be tough and stay strong."


LOL.. food again. I guess I'm fated to be a big fat sotong.
I just couldn't resist with all the yummy food. :)

Homemade Curry chicken. eat them with rice or baoz. yumeee

okaaaaay, its kinda hard to find this dish these days.
Its thick yam gravy with vege.. It tastes sooooooo good...

Weird but taste good too.
The bittergurd soup

Bel ordered this. errrr just some plain fried tofu.
but she loves it so much.

This is super duper fattening, but its our all-time-favourite.
Fried "sheow bak"

Dad with his gay pose. OMG

My 4th yee ma.. she looks so cute in this picture.
Like her smile.

Bel is so hungry until her stomachache.
But she really slim down.. OMG..
stupid SPM made my cute bugsie so stress =.=

"Aiyoyoyoyo.. Why am I here. Borrrriiiinnngggg & Hungggrrrrryyyyy"

Uncle Simon & papa

What the hell am i doing.. O.O

My 4th Uncle..

"See what o see...."

hahahahahha you wanna capture my signature moon face? YOU FAILED. cause I put on weight... bleh =P

I'm not laughing...

yooooorrrrr, why so long !!!!

Okaaaaay fish eye effect failed. Big face effect SUCCESS !!


I'm going to tear you off because your skin are so fair and you sleep with my owner... Grrrrrr..

Oops. got captured!!

yayaya.. I know you have the power. Stop pointing at me.. =.="

Continue tearing you off.. wakakkakaka XD

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