Saturday, August 29, 2009

Should I ???

I always wanted to get one tattoo, ever since I think t
hat tattoo is an art. So recently, I think of getting a memorial tattoo of my mum. But, I'm not sure if this is what I really want, cause you know tattoo is forever. Anyway, I'm not going to put them in any revealing parts of my body, is either at the pelvic or the lower back. Lower back will be common but pelvic will be painful.. sigh~Which part should I do then?
So, today while praying mum for the ghost fest, I asked her if I could get a tattoo as a memorial for her (not really asking as in saying it out, I asked in my heart and I know she could hear me). Bel suggested something. She asked me to tell mum that if she allows me to get a tattoo, when I throw the 2 coins, it will be 2 head. So I told my mum, if she allows, show it when i flip both coins.
After 30 minutes, dad asked me to flip the coins to see if mum finished her meal (its a tradition where people flip coins to see if th
eir ancestors finished their meals).
I flipped and it was one head and one tail. I was kinda disappointed. maybe it was fated? I walked away, told bugs about the re
sult and brought all the stuff to burn. Then I flipped the coins again, before keeping those foods and at the same time, I asked again.
I asked if I can have a tattoo of hers, and my coins show 2 heads, which means yes. I was shocked and I stunt there for quite some time. ><
I don't know if the second time was counted. but who cares. I'm getting one.. but I just don't know where should I go to and should I at least tell my dad again? Should I put his name on it? Sigh~

Here are some of the tattoo reference that I'm getting.
I planned to put some lily flower, a pink r
ibbon and the initial of her name.

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