Friday, August 28, 2009

Day at Pavillion :)

Woke up early the morning. It's quite irritating waking up early in the morning and slept at 2am yesterday night.. ISH. need to accompany Bel to KL for her scholarship thingy and dad promised to bring me for good foods. So okay we deal >.<>
So, we decided to go for Thai Food -- CELADON

Ambience not bad huh.. keke XD the whole restaurant only us. was too early for lunch and too late for breakfast. Just 3 hungry pig =.="

I like their interior, the chair the deco and the lamp :)

Look at this.. Guess what is it? cute right..
Hmmmmm.. Its our jug of water.. =x

Here comes Sotong with the face that looks so tired, so drunk, so tanned and SO FAT !!!!

~Here comes the dishes~
[ My blog seemed like a food blog more than a personal blog =.=
bah who cares. sotong loves to eat and i enjoy doing it (= ]

Steamed Seabass with chilli and lemon. Bel ordered this.. SUper spicy =.=

My all time favourite. GREEN CURRY <3

Look at the gravy, so thick... yumeeeeeeee *

What's thai food w/o pineapple rice. my all time favourite again ..

This is the appetizer, but it came late.
It was fresh prawn(non cooked ) with chili and lemon ><
*thumbs up* for this :)

Went to the loft to buy some cheese cake to pray my mum tomorrow.
Wanted to find some scone, but couldn't find nice one.
So hope mama love this <3

Seeeeee.. Hair also not dry yet. (But still have time camwhoring...swt)
Let's call it a day.. Im off to bed.
Gym for 2 hours. Super tanned now.. Love my skin colour.. muaxxxxx <3
xoxo good night ^^

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