Sunday, September 6, 2009


Okaaay, I'm so sorry I did not listen what you told me.. *being stubborn*
And the brave Reanne really got her belly pierced.... WOOOOHOOOOO

Before I reach the place I've already start shivering (for what I also don't know).
Then after I found the shop and get inside , I'm not that scared anymore.
I just sign the paper and here I am with my belly pierced.
Well no doubt its pain but it doesn't last long. But the girl who pierced me failed to poke thru for the first time. That caused me hell lots of pain.. She said my tummy's muscle too hard >< Swt. If my belly is still soft like tofu then whats the point of going to the gym everyday.. zzz She wasted the first needle and tried to poke with the second needle. and finally it poked thru.. But My belly its already numb. arghhhh. I thought you said only 2-3sec... you took 10 minutes okay~~~!!!!! ARGHHHHH Not going to post the disgusting belly photo first.. still swelling.. But I've got myself a pink stud.. wakakkaka =D

After piercing , we went to Dome for late lunch and it took me 1 hour to finish my meal.. hahahah... In pain what.. so must eat slowly.. =.=
Then I still went shopping... hahahah..The guy asked me not to walk and move so much, I should be sitting down or lying down until my belly stop bleeding.. But I'm way too stubborn, mai chap.. keep shopping... =P
Then when I was in the fitting room.. OMGOSH... my bandage is full of blood.. See....-.- this is the consequences of not listening to the pro. ><
So I sat down at the fitting room until Claudia finish trying her baju.. @.@ Bel came to join us at around 5. We went for dinner at Food Republic.. hahahhaha Sotong eat again @.@ Not bad what.. so pain still can eat so much.... XD

My cute little Bel Bel
So cute hor.
Bel you meditating ar. @.@
camwhoring when Claudia is shopping
38 us
hamster? Bel you look like you need a break
Ana ana. Your mouth can stuff more food. YOU WIN =.=
My lips better weiiii.... =p
Last but not least. A normal one :)

Nice hor :)
Bel's all time favourite food. Everytime the same food
wahahaahha I eat again .. wuuuuhoooo~
Claudia & SotongMua bel bel <3You win lar... Im shorter. If I'm not in pain.. You'll see.. Hmmph*I'm not bending my knees.. I'm not I'm not*

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