Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You Will Have To Pay For It

NO? No then no... You think I care? This was not the first time, I'm used to it.
By the moment i ask you, I've already got the answer in my mind. Asking you is just to double confirm and also trying my luck to see whether you will change your mind or not.
But, as usual, I got the answer that I used to get it from you.
Since standard 6, you always give me excuses for not allowing me to for a trip with friends.
I always missed the graduation trip.. I'm 19 now.. But it doesn't make any changes.
I'm still treated like a 12 year old child. Whatever, I don't really care about it anymore.
Do what u like, I'll just follow. Even if i changed to be a girl with no soul, that's always because of you. I meant it.
You always said that girls should be more independent compared with guys because people always take advantages from girls. Guess what? You don't give us a chance to be independent.
You don't even listen to what we said. Even if we said, i think u will take it as "kids talk" which is not matured.
Sometimes, that made us don't feel like telling you anything about us, even if we had something that we really wanted to express.
Well.~ I'm really tired of it. I don't give a shit on it!!

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