Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Sick Sotong

Sotong is sick. Sick of everything happened recently, sick of her stupid button nose and also her weak body.

Chinese New Year is just a week to go. And I'm already sick. zzzz Never once I'm fine and get to enjoy all the good food during CNY. I always get super sick and didn't get to eat ANYTHING !!

Went to the ENT specialist a few days ago. My nose bleed more and more often :( Went for a nose scoop. Apparently I have very thin blood vessels so whenever I sneeze or rub my nose, it will bleed. It became worse now, when I'm in a air-cond room or when my nose are too dry, it bleeds again. I have to take medication to control my nose. sigh~

The doctor also said that my nose was crooked to the left. So I cannot breath with my left nostrils. Worse come to worst I have to do a surgery and fix it back. Grrrrrr..I have no idea why it crooked all a sudden. Probably because I fell from the stairs and knocked on my nose? But it doesn't hurt. I hope it will be okay. Dad didn't allow me to get my nose fixed. He said that it was pretty dangerous. Haiz~

I'm acting kinda odd these days. I think most of them noticed it. Well, I'm not someone that is good in disguise. I show what I feel and it was written all over my face. I'm born being straight forward. Tough? I guess this word doesn't belong to me. I thought I have it in me, but apparently it doesn't. I always think I'm strong enough to face all the problems I had. No matter what happened to me, I will try my very best to fix it. But recently I have problems over problems, and I'm fucking sick of it. I want to get away, get away from my daily routine and things and peoples around me. I want to go to a place that no one knows me. I knew this is not a good way in solving problems. In a way, this is known as evading. Give me a break, I'm about to collapse.

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