Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dancing under the Moonlight

3 more days. Freaking 3 more days to our KLDA dance competition.
We only managed to mark our steps for less than a week. So, it's very very rush.
Have to practice until the studio closed every night.
I'm not sure if I'd improved, but I hope so.. Will try my best *wink*
Only 2 pairs of couples are joining this competition. Not really a big competition but then still only us.. *pressure pressure*
Wish me luck then..

Friday will be papa sotong's birthday. Haven't spot anything for him, don't even have time to shop too.. :(
Hope Bel could buy something for him tomorrow.
I'll try to finish up my card by tomorrow too .
Couldn't practice on Firday and Saturday and the big day will be on Sunday... GOSH

Anyway, I'm so excited that my company is actually paying us allowance...
Luckily we asked. Or else they might not even care to spare us any.
Still low-funded. :(

Okay, I better get going.. Good night peeps. xoxo

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