Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocking the dance floor

Yay~! The competition has come to an end. Only took like 3 hours. XD
We have been practicing for only a week for those steps and yea of course we couldn't get into the semi-final nor final :P
Not really disappointed about that.. Not like I do not see this competition as an important one .
But this is what I've expected. All I want is to experience it. At least I rocked the dancefloor.
Love the feeling when I'm on it :) So relieved and relaxing :)
My hair is super hard now.. Having fringe is troublesome :( Have to spray the entire hair to make it still.
Am looking forward for Danceworld gala ball next week. Gonna have fun baby :)
I'm so lazy to upload all those video and photos. But I promise I'll upload them asap.
Maybe in the O**i*e? kekeke
Sometimes I just love my fishy sleeping eyes.
I know most of them hate it. But I think it's special in a way (not saying mine).

* I wonder does my tattoo affect my latin dance? will the adjudicators give low marks because of it? Cause I've never seen any latin dancer with a tattoo. anyone knew it? please let me know.thx


Tang Lee Yin said...

I think it won't affect you.. The judges only judge on your dancing skills but not your tattoo... like to read your blog, nice blog...

--Sotong-- said...

Thanks :)
You have a nice blog too ..