Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hohoho~ Christmas is around the corner

Hoho poeples~
I know my blog is almost dead, pardon me with the lack mojo and the stress I have for my uni work. I will try to update my blog more often. I WILL TRYYY !

Been busy with the uni work, like seriously busy as christmas is around the corner and the 2 competition are due after xmas. I do not want to spend my xmas holidays with my uni work T_T Have to get them done beforehand !! ISH~ The annoying dissertation is also due after xmas too.. god bless !

What I've been up to? Finding houses, lol~ We thought we could find a house and have our own frosty and roast turkey, but apparently it's not gonna happen. Most of the houses were taken :( We called like 20 agents and ALL OF THEM WERE GONE.. FML ! I just hope we get a house before xmas so I can decorate the xmas tree, hang my socks at the fire place (if they have one), make my own Frosty the snowman and of course SNOW BALL FIGHT !! hohoho~ *dream on me*

Obviously, london has changed me. I'm one size bigger from what I used to be. And errrr, I have dark hair now (gone my lovely haircolor) and with no fringe. Unbelievable? It's true. I cannot believe them myself :P But screw it, couldn't be bothered.

My best entertainment now is hang out in the kitchen.. LOL. Playing UNO, Monopoly and enjoying our home made drinks. :D I really had fun although it sounds lame. That's the only thing we can do when all of us are bored staying in this so-called-jail-room !

Class was canceled today due to harsh weather. Good in a way, I have a day off :P But insted of spending this day doing uni work, I went to Westfield with my babe Elena and finally got myself a pair of boots. hoho :P I'm starting to feel xmas with all the lights and deco, last but not least the SONGS !

I hope everybody is not going anywhere during xmas or else I'll be effing boring here... !! Someone please come up with some plans !~ I'm serious :)

Oh ya, I've stopped the latin class. :( sad case I know. But I really do not have the extra time and travel all the way there just to have 2 hours class. I love it and I really want to . But it's really time consuming travel all the way there. Hope I'll find some place nearer, any suggestion? :)

Okay that's it for now. Just an update of what happened to me recently. And make sure my blog is not dead. :) Cheers~ got to go to the kitchen with my mates. xx toodles.

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