Thursday, April 24, 2008

Screening Session

Woke up at 10am.. Wanted to start my preparation asap so I won't messed up all the things. But, My eyeshadows just didn't work well >.<>
At about 12pm, Ham reached my house and taught me "catwalk". GOSH.. It's much more harder than learning my dance steps.. =.=" Practised for about one and a half hour then we left to Metropolitan College.
We reached there kinda early. So I called Winne and she told me its at room 2.15. I went inside and couldn't see anyone.. Then, someone came in after we were sitiing in the room for like 20 mins and told us that we should go to room 3.9. We went up and the room was locked... WTH ..XD
After that, there was this "ah neh neh" came to us and told us that room 3.8 is for interviewing and room 3.9 is the station.. I was like :" eek?? Only us? Where are the rest of them?" Even after I finished my interview, I can't see any girls.. SO SWEAT. All she said is just :" Thanks for attending and we will let you know whether you are in by this sunday." lol... and the interview jz took like 15 minutes...
Since its still early, we went to PYRAMID.. no doubt.. we bought stuffs... =p
That's all for today... PC so damn freaking lag.. No idea why is it so.. Type a bit and lag, type a bit then lag again.. ARGH!

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