Monday, April 21, 2008

Photo shooting for Daily Lifestyle Studio

Wah~ What an exhausted day~ Went ushering and photoshooting for daily lifestyle studio... It's their grand opening~

Top : Reanne, Zyniz, Soo Anne, Cynthia, Cathrina
Bottom : Xiao Wen, Michelle

Me and Michelle

Zyniz, Me & double xiao wen

Me and Michelle.. Isn't she hot.. XD

Zyniz, Xiao Wen & Me. We are wearing Op Art design dress.. Black and white rules!!

Me and Michelle... hehe =)

One of my favourite photo~ Me and Michelle again XD

Soo Anne, Cathrina, Zyniz, Cynthia, Me

Zyniz and I

Cathrina and I

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