Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sunway Trip

Hahahahaha... Finally can settle down from those assignments and exams... weee~
Today, we went to Sunway Lagoon instead of Port Dickson. We chose theme park
+ Scream Park ( Scream Park is a new attraction, a ghost house).
The scream park was the only ghost house that really stop my heart beat. That's really really scary man... >.<"
After we finished playing both dry and wet park, all of us were starving.. I wanted to get the fried rice at first.. but it cost RM 11 which I think is kinda ridiculous.. >.< It's only a little rice and a small fried chicken.. Then, we changed to another stall that sell something similiar to Old Town Cafe. I chose Nasi Lemak and guess what.. Its only rm8 !!!! very cheap compared to the fried rice.. It contained 2 pieces of rendang chicken, Sambal, peanuts and etc. And it taste really good too.After finished our food.. We decided to go to the Scream Park while digesting since we couldnt go for any rides.
Before we went in, there is this cowboy guy gave us a little brief of what is happening inside.. He said there are four parts in the scream part.. 1st, we will see some short clips of a horror movie.. 2nd, We will go in to some 4D maze with ghosts ( pretended by human ). 3rd, we will go in to something similiar to ghost house. 4th, we will go in to something called " Prison Break ".. No one knows what that..
Without hesitating, we all agreed and went in to the scream park. when we went in, we felt a sudden breeze( maybe is because of the air cond but who cares... its GHOST HOUSE!!). Then, there is this security guard came out to lead us in... There were 7 of us, lining in.. Then all a sudden, a guy with scary paint on his face pop out in front of us. His voice was weird (Like those ghost's voice that can be heard in the movie). I was shouting my lung off~ I almost dropped to the floor as if my legs were gone. I'm so scared.. That guy really fabbergusted me... >.<
While we were watching the horror movie clips.. No one notice that there are actually 3 of the other "ghosts" around us(The room is too dark). They were blowing some air at our neck and some of them were actually standing besides us. I wanted to turn and talk to ham, but who knows this "ghost" was standing so near behind me and starring at me.. I immediatly shout and everyone have no idea what is happening until Ham and Doris noticed it. Then they started to come nearer and nearer.. AS if there were 5 of them in the room....T_T Ham and I were shouting our lungs off and both of us were hugging tightly to each other and crying at the same time..
Then we are sent to another room.. We are required to wear a specs for 4d effects. We went thru this bridge that is really awesome.. The bridge isin't moving but with the specs, all of us were dizzy and couldn't even walk in a line. After that, we went to the "prison break". This room really impressed all of us.. and in the same time is the scariest part.. There are at least 4 to 5 prisoners in there.. All of them are with BLood stained shirt and Scary painted face.. They will come very near to us but they wont touch us.. That already almost took my soul away.. I was shouting all the way. And because of that.. those ghosts like to come near me.... arghhh!!
The prison break was like a maze.. all of us were so nervous cause we couldnt get out from there.. Ham, Doris, Jven and I were too afriad until we closed our eyes and follow the others..
After about 20 minutes.. We finally get out... I lost my sound.... And guess what.. Im the one who decided to go for the scream park... >.<" Sweat..

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