Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recently ~~

School reopened.. I got to wake up earlier and go back on to normal routines... Sob... Cannot sleep late and stay up to be a night owl anymore... First day of school, I thought we will do some introduction of the lesson we are learning.. But who knows, we already have assignments.. Sweat >.<
Many things happened these 2 weeks.. It gave me a clear thought that "Life are short, lead life happily". Yea, true, life are short.. We won't predict what will happen in the future.. Maybe tommorow morning something will happen to us (touch wood =p). Who knows? Appreciate the time we have and do whatever u like... haha Thats what i think.. But we always have not enough time =.="
sigh i always forgot what im going to write... i think my brain are rusty after the term break.. been not using my brain to think.. only draw draw draw.... haizzzz

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