Friday, May 16, 2008

Bits of my Life XD

I was chatting with one of my bestie during secondary and we talked about what happened that year when we sat together. We shared every parts of our life that time... I will never never forget the days.. hahahahaha.. I remember there was this time when I was drinking water and she showed me some face that made me laughed immediately with mouth full of water.. And what happened was I "Spurtted" out all the water towards my class monitor.. Poor thing T.T sorry sorry.
Besides that, There was this time when we both are having bad stomachache, So we decided to go to the toilet to "relief". U know, when we went out for quite some time in the middle of the class, its pretty obvious that we went to the toilet and its kinda embarrassing too.. So we decided to go to the toilet in 2nd floor. But unfortunately, they still spotted us and were shouting our name outside the toilet in 3rd floor. We quickly rush to the teacher's office and grab some newspapers to disguise ourselves.. hahaha
Another case to share.. hehehee.. I fell asleep during my history class and I had a bad bad nightmare of dropping down from the cliff, so I jumped up from my table (that teacher was very very strict, Im not sure why I could fall asleep). SO EMBARRASING... ARGH!!!! Luckily everyone were very concentrate on what the teacher taught. But, she was laughing her lungs out... I quickly sat down and started to laugh...I was telling her what made me jumped off and stuff and we totally forgot teacher was still in front teaching.. ( we sat in the 2nd row from the teacher).. Teacher spotted us again. She called us up and asked us questions but none of us knew the answers.. So we were punished to stand until the class ended.. sweat...
Last one for this post...
It was english period.. This teacher was kinda lazy.. sorry to say that, he is a good teacher, but he is just too lazy.. It was a 2 periods english class. Teacher asked us to do our own homework and guess what, when this phrase"do your own homework and pls be quiet" was said by this teacher, means its OUR TIME.. wakakaka.. we can do anything we want.. play cellphones in class, listen to mp3, chit chat or whatever that we couldnt do on lecturing class. We only can do these when teacher is absent.. haha.. So one of my friend brought out all the candies he bought. I spotted the gummies and i shouted " Give me the GUMMIES... ITS MINE... hahahaha".. and since we were so near to the teacher, no doubt that he could hear what we said and also saw whatever we did. When he wanted to warn us to low down our voice, I was putting the gummies into my mouth!!! so did my friends.. T_T 3 of us were called out and he asked us what should he do to punish us.. WE did not answer..nobody want to be punish right? Then.. he had this bad idea of asking each of us to write " sorry teacher, i will not eat during english lessons anymore" (can't really remember what was it. But I will not forget that the teacher make it longer in purpose so that we got to copy more) f0r 1000 times and the due date was the next day.. So, no doubt we quickly think of ways to finish it asap. One of us was writting with two pen tied together. Another one was writting in a very high speed. And me? I used to write very very slow.. so I decided to ask my sis to copy some for me.. and end up.. Ive got help from my dad and sister. they both was so sweat that a 17 year old girl was punished to copy 1000 times.
haha.. thats all for now. Have fun!

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