Friday, May 30, 2008

recent activities

hahaha... been very lazy to update my blog.. so i thought of this way to tell u guys what happened around me and to summarize up so its not so long-winded.
lets get it started~~~
-- dad pierced his ear.. because he like the actor in the tv series "catch me now"..
-- I have a new puppy.. Its from my bestie <>.. thanks for the dog.. haha.. We named it "Mimi".. very active yet very stubborn dog.. too smart >.< thats why hard to handle.
-- hahahaha~ Finally I can have my new car.. gone my evo 9.. haha.. at least i can drive safely.
-- Went to Cocobanana with the girls.. too bad zyniz cant make it... zyniz u better make sure u join us next time.. ngiek ngiek..
sigh~ cant think of anything at this moment.. will soon upload the photos of the above activities..
hahaha.. Im a lazy bum bum..
yay~!! aunt chloe is coming back to msia... 3rd aunt and 6th aunt are also coming down this saturday... ngiek ngiek.. XD

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