Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well. I tried my very best to finish inking my kitchen.. I thought it was the best piece of perspective drawing that i ever done..
I inked them very carefully and i did the least mistake in this piece of drawing. Who knows my lecturer told me that I have several severe mistakes in my drawing.
I straight away go so so so DOWN.. sigh..~
Thats the feeling I hate the most.. When u thought u did your best and ended up u didn't, that's really hurt. T_T
What to do.. I always ended up into these kinda of situation.. I'm used to it.
I guess i just got to be extra xtra careful on the upcoming drawing..
I hope to get good grades also what... arghhhhh!!!
I put on weight again.. From 52kg went to 46kg.. and now.. I'm almost 50kg again.. >.<
I love breads, I love cakes, I love candies, I love sweet stuff and they love me too..
I guess i really need to be extra hardworking by going to the gym and cut down on fattening stuff.
Cannot resist what... FOOD FOOD FOOD... *yum yum*
Jia You lar... work hard eat "wisely"..ahahahaha

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