Monday, June 30, 2008

My weekend routine~

hmm... went to Zouk KL for the Fashion Fushion charity show.
Kinda bored but its ok for charity.. haha =)
At least we got a free drink, few cute stickers & a free regular pizza coupon from Domino's Pizza. ahahahahaa
Well, since its the charity for GOLD (Generating Opportunities for the learning Disabled), that's absolutely worth it.
Honestly, I don't always donate cause there are con-men everywhere.
So this consider as the first step. at least I know where my money is going to... XD

We met two seniors there so we decided to go Barcelona after 10. *hee hee*
Well, what can I say about the club.. Hmm...
A lot of uncles, Hot and stuffy , Crowded, songs not as good as the others etc..
Sorry for saying that.. Just my point of view (for those who like the club, ignore what I said).
On the way home, my funny bestie --Miss Ham pointed at a place and said :"wahhh... This place can see Genting one...." Max and I was like... :" HUH?? GENTING???"
Both of us been looking everywhere to find the 'Genting' she was talking about.
Then, she pointed at the moon (she thought its Genting, cause half of the moon was being covered by the cloud) and said:" Neh... that one...." Both me and MAx str9 away go sweat sweat sweat.... aiyoyoyoy.... How can she thought the moon was genting... LMAO.... anyway, i enjoyed that moment, no stress , keep laughing and laughing. =)

~Working Day~
Was told to work as usherette and serve drinks to the customers for a new launched complex.
When we showed up there, they passed us Heineken Uniform.. WTH. >.<
Working time was 6-1am.. Sigh~
Imagine how pain is my legs with 3 and a half inches of heels. Standing there whole night nothing to do ._.
Luckily managed to see the performance of Thai Club's Diva...
Wahsey, that was fantastic... Feel free to drop by to Thai Club and watch her performance.
p.s its a shemale.. haha.. very famous~


Woke up at 3pm... My god... too tired.. Backbone and toes pain like hell.. >..<
Went to 'Fish Spa'... weeeee~
Very nice... At first it was itchy, but then later when you used to it.
Its actually very comfortable... hehe

L size fish.. kekeke
Tiny little Fishy... wooooooo ^.^
hahaha... eat as much as you can.. gone my dead skin.
*yum yum yumeeee*

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