Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whoah.. exhausted >.<

Well.. Been rushing my Designer's furniture model making for the whole night.
Cutting and measuring non stop.... =.="
I knew it sounds stupid for doing last minute work.. some more its a model making..
But what to do.. Been very sick for the past two days.. Only manage to finish my pwp slide that time..
Was frustrated and pissed off when my model couldnt set up at all.
Printer couldnt print.. >.< and my stupid MSN was not working that night.. COuldn't send any file or message...
So i got to get my presentation board done in class.
Everything last minute!! argh~
Did a bad presentation though.. Cause at first Mimie said we would present with presentation board.
Then, she changed her mind and wanted us to present with pwp slide.
We were like :"WHAT?" Most of us put hard work on our board instead of the slide.. SIgh~
haiz~ Cannot blame anyone though.. I really did not prepare for the presentation and was rushing for the model.. So i dont expect to get high marks on this assignment.
well.. maybe ill got to put extra hard work on the next assignment.. T.T

TaaaaDaaaa.. my model =) (center part 'senget' a bit)
This one is the original version .. >.<

Dad called me and asked me to buy sawi before I left MV..
My god.... i was wearing formal attire with my laptop..
Imagine how I look like when i go to Carrefour and grab some vege. >.<
From the back.. Ill look like an OL lady trying to get her grocery list done..
In front...(OMG) ... anyway... forget bout it
Ham and I didn't even know how does sawi look like..
We went to the supermarket. Looked thru all the sign board.. FInally we found the word sawi!!
and guess what.. we also found 3 other sawi.. They had 'sawi pahit', 'sawi jepun', 'sawi berbunga' and 'sawi'.
We chose 2 bunch of 'sawi berbunga' and went to the cashier.
when the cashier scanned my vege.. it said " kailan rm1.99.......sawi Rm 1.99"
WHAT?? these two vege really looked the same.. And i dont kno which stupid go and put kailan there... zzzzz I guess dad gonna kill me when he found out..
Luckily i tore off the sticker.. hahahaha XD


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