Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sotong is sick~

Sigh.. 2 assignments deadlines are coming soon.. And i got my sickness Combo.... JACKPOT!! (cold & flu, cough, sorethroat, fever, backbone ache...) Used to get some med and I'll be ok after a medication... But this time, Ive been eating 5 panadols in a day (I knew its overdose.. cause at first i thought i should eat 2 in a time) but my headache and fever just couldn't go off.. My sore throat get worst although i finished the whole packet of Difflam Lozenges x16 in total. Sob sob... I wish I can finish my assignments on time..

Mimie did not have class today so we went back earlier. I thought : wah... so good.. finally i can get some rest before i start my assignments". But unfortunately, Doris is coming by to do AutoCAD cause she couldn't download the software in her pc.. I was sitting on the sofa, waiting for her to finish her work but when i fell asleep, she woke me up to ask some questions. So, I ended up stared at the Tv until about 630pm until she finished her work.. After she went back, I quickly rushed to my room and take a nap.. Can't even manage to sleep for 2 hours.. sweat...

Luckily I'm done with my PWP slide for furniture model making.. At least tomorrow I can focus more on my model making.. Hope everything will success.. Sigh...

My stupid MSN have this big prob that made me keep dc and dc... People couldnt even send thru any messages to me. And I couldn't send any message to anyone too.. Me and Max ended up chatting by using MSN personal message.. Sounds stupid but at least it works.. WAH.. Its 3am now.. i think i better go to bed.. Or else my condition will turn worst tomorrow..

Good Night~ Sweet Dreams to all~~ XOXO~~ muackss

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