Thursday, September 11, 2008

IM BACK ~~!!!!! X

hmmm.. my term break ended and ive got to start a whole new sem again. >.<>
Luckily my term break was very very fun... thanks to my classmates. <3>
Went to Phuket and Penang. Although it was just a short trip of 3 days and 2 nights in Penang, But we really did have fun there.
Playing cards till 3am while Doris was trying to sleep. Went to the beach at 7am (which i think is pretty insane.. hahaha.. haven't manage to sleep 3 hours).
Playing volleyball in the beach (although none of us are good in that) that made ppl around us keep laughing. =.="
Striped off Max while he was camwhoring and threw him to the sea. =.= luckily his camera is waterproof... XD
Burried Wai leong in the sand. Make him a big 'bird' and huge boobies.... =D and all of us sat on him.. wakakakaka.
Went to Pasar Malam In the middle of the rain.. so stupid... Me and Ham wrapped ourself like we were arabian (p.s except good features, i think we did look like..)
Ate a lot a lot of food... PENANG FOOD. yum yum ~ =)
Wanted to BBQ at the last night in penang. But too bad it was raining. So instead of wasting all the food and stuff we bought, we decided to boiled them or microwaved them. We cooked the whole night and ate all the food we bought.. Omg.. But since that day, i love boiled sausage and fish balls. hahaha.
On the way back to KL, we dropped by at Kuala Kangsar-Doris's Kampung. Her kampung really funny, they have malay area, indian area and chinese area.. not racism. BUt then different race is running different business. the chinese there are running rubber estate and fruits business while the others have diff job.
She brought us to Malay area for lunch since all of us were starving. We were brought to a attap shop where they sell malay laksa and ABC. hmmm we ordered one laksa and it cost us for RM1.50 ONLY!!!! where to find this kind of price in KL? aiyoyoyo.. and the ABC jz cost us for RM1. so all of us ordered two plates of laksa and ABC.LOL it cost us rm27 for 7 persons in total. We also managed to have after-lunch-dessert.. ngiek XD
Really had fun there. thanks all.. ^^

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