Thursday, September 18, 2008


hmmm... was heading to somewhere for yum cha session. And I'm talking on the phone while I'm driving like nobody cares =.=", all a sudden i heard siren and saw a policemen drove across me by my side.
I quickly dumped my phone under my car seat and hope that he didn't saw me talking on the phone.
I pretend not to look at him so that he wont call me.. I try to speed up a bit but the traffic was kinda congested. >.<
He did spotted me... Ahhhhh, not again T_T He ask me to stop by a side and asked for my driving license. >..<
Policemen :" Tadi awak ada cakap telefon ya?"
Sotong : "Ha?? apa?? tak da lah.. kalau ada saya memang guna headset punya." ( i wore my bluetooth before i stop my car by aside. wakakaka XD)
Policemen :"Tapi saya memang nampak awak cakap telefon lah.."
Sotong :" Memang tak ada lah.."
*all a sudden my phone rang.. Omg.. Luckily i mute my radio*
Policemen :" Telefon awak dering ke?"
Sotong :" Ha??? Bukan lar. itu radio saya.." (haha... it was definately ot the radio. very obvious it was a ringtone.."
Policemen :" Ya ke? ok la.. jalan jalan."
Omg. I'll never believe that i did say that... hahahaha
if i didnt say that, I might getting a summon taht cost me rm 300.. NO way... XD
I knew it sounds very ridiculous. I dont know whether mr policemen really believe that was my radio or he just cant do anything but to let me go.
But from that incident onwards, I swear I'll Switch on my bluetooth everytime when im driving.

*broken malay. luckily mr policemen still understand my malay... hahahah. ngiek =x*

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