Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RIP~ my dearest aunt.

It happened too sudden. I just went to visit her and the next day, my dad told me she passed away.
Went to her funeral, everyone seem sad and down. But then its not like what i expected.
Maybe everyone knew that she couldn't last long. Or maybe everyone was tough~
It was a Taoist funeral, like what people told me. Not really sure whats the different between Taoist funeral and Buddhist funeral. My mum's was Buddhist funeral, they only patter and pay their last respect.
Taoist funeral need to have lots of procedure and tradition. Its kinda scary in a way though~
In the last day of the funeral, they have music band to perform some very very sad old song.. Kinda out of pitch and errr.. i dont know how to explain. I tried to hold my tears but those stupid music just made them lose control.. >.<>
I wonder if anyone still remember my mum? Its been 7 years since she left us.
I think it will be very different now if she is still here. Maybe we have different activities every weekend.
Family gathering every week. Shopping together.. Baking cakes together etc etc

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