Monday, September 29, 2008

Im not EMO... >_<

hmmm. kena complain cause i didn't post my blog.. here i come... yeeeeehaaaaaaa.... XD
Been very emotional lately. Don't ask me why, I don't know for myself too.
Maybe due to my MC visit? Possible possible..
Sometimes, I just feel like keeping quiet instead of talking too much. So, sometimes i won't give any response or not even any facial expression (cool huh? that's me =.="). Well, I know it's kinda lame.
U really changed a lot. U wasn't like that last time. Don't really used to what you are now. But I'll try my best to cope with it. Not to say that it wasn't a good change. But it seemed like so-not-you.
I don't know whether you are trying your best to cope with the others or what. In my opinion, it looks like a clown? I dont know any other better word to describe. Just don't make fun of yourself. people wont just think that you are funny. You won't know what people is thinking. They might think that you are stupid? retarded? Learn how to protect yourself in some way. Well, I know you won't check my blog. Just feel like posting it out. Been thinking for days on how to tell you, but I couldn't make it. So I posted it here. Do not change for the sake of joining the others. I know I'm nobody to you, but its just an opinion from me.

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