Thursday, October 2, 2008

Papa's Fusion.

~Papa's Fusion~
Dad bought a cook book and decided to cook different kind of dishes due to the complaint that people given to him cause been eating the same dishes for years.
Here is his first trial.
I'll rate them 3/5 star.. ngiek ngiek X

Wasabi Prawns
wasabi with salad dressing and prawns.. yum yum~ ^^
Beijing Stir-Fried Jellyfish
hmmm. fried peanuts, celery, ginko nuts, dried scallop etc etc..
Pumpkin Seafood Soup
well.. I ratd this 5/5 stars.. yum yum.. really delicious..
Its green in colour but then the taste ICIBAN!!!
Spinach & Dory FIsh ( Sotong cooked the fish XD)
haha well.. i do think that this fish and the vege spoilt the whole fusion. but then they added strawberry to decorate it.
Taadaaa~ Thats our lunch

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