Saturday, October 11, 2008

weird sotong

Nowdays, I rather keep things to myself instead of speaking it out.
Why? Cause i think its pointless to say it out. I tried many times but no one understands me.
They will tell u :" come on girl, dont be so sad, cheer up lar, what sort ever etc etc". Whats the point of saying that to me. I know they cant do anything, but please at least really listen to what i say? Maybe they will think, aiks Reanne is making big fuss again. DOes anyone really care about what i say? Sometimes when I really say it out, U guys ended up laughing. Well, to me its nothing to laugh about. Its not funny at all.
Haiz. I dont know what im posting. Just dont feel like talking nowadays... 自闭自闭..

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