Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is sotong tough?

Is sotong tough? I think i was, but I'm no longer any tough girl anymore.
That day, when i was in the school doing my work in the lab. I dont know why I cried all a sudden.
My tears came down non stop. I ran to the toilet twice to prevent anyone saw me with that stupid face. I don't know why i cry though. Maybe its been a tough week for me.
Whenever I wanted to share my thoughts and when my problems popped up, I dont know who should i get to. I felt like i got neglected these days. So sometimes, I rather keep quiet instead of saying anything. Not giving any expression nor giving any respond. I know its rude and ppl might thought that im angry or what. But thats the best way for me to cover up all the depressed and unhappy part of me (i think it works, but it didnt T_T ).
My friends aint treating me like last time. No longer making fun of each other like what we used to. Maybe its because of my stupid temper. =.=" Well, they just dont understand me.. nobody understands me.
Everytime when people has problems, they come to me, but whenever i had problems, i dont know who should i get to. not that i dont trust my friends. But there is still a gap for me to share my thoughts. Like i need to cross over... =.=" Swt.
People always think that if i dont share my thoughts nobody will understand me. but they never stand at my side to think. Is it that easy to share my thoughts after all the things that happened on me? it might seemed like an easy job for them. But to me, hell no.
Share? everytime i took my very first step to share. They will just go like :" come one reanne, dont think so much, u always think too much lar. Nothing one lar.. u think too much only .." Well, ask yourself.. When u are trying to share some problems to a friend, and what he or she replied you was what i typed above, what will u feel? keeping it to ourselves better than sharing it out? Cause they will think that we are making a big fuss or trying to draw attention or just being mean. So why should we let people think that we are mean by just trying to share our problems?
It happened too many times on me. Maybe that made me no guts to share it out.
I know my friend care of me a lot. hereby to say thanks and sorry.

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