Monday, November 10, 2008

~19th birthday~

~Sotong's 19th Birthday~
Sorry for posting it after 2 weeks.. been very busy lately >.<
anyway.. enjoy the photos.. kinda lame...XD

I guess papa sotong didnt know that her daughther has cloudrophobia...@_@

This was nice... yum yum**

From left : Doris. Sotong. Ham. Shayne..
The bottom.. Miss bugs.. XD

pity bugs.....=D

Bugsie and Sotong

Cupcakes from my calssmates.. Love ya all <3
Custom made with sotong in it... wuuuu~

hahahaha... love it so much... thanks guys^^

*make a wish*

Best Bud for ever

bugsie and me

wuuu.. passing the birthday card to miss dai lou.. and that's me...
Me and my leng. haha

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