Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm not a Shopaholic

WOOT~ Finally get to have my Japanese Buffet.
Been planning since my sem break started but no one is free to accompany me.
Thanks to Cee and Mel for joining us x)
I had fun and superrrrrrrrrr full.. wakakkaka =D

Don't worry, this is just the first round. GO SUSHI !!

2nd Round

3rd Round

4th, etc etc lol

Look at the table.. swt.. Super messy.
And lots of tissue papers, esp Mel =.=

This plate contains most of Mel's tissue.
I wonder why a guy uses so much tissue.

Melvin with his green tea and 2 cups of ginseng tea.
We knew the 2 cups of fruit juice and a cup of nescafe was hidden.. kekeke =D

Bel, stop pretending.. Where are the rest of the cups.?

Sotong the best.. I only stick with 2 :)

Cee with her drinks.. I knew its not 3 only .. XD

The group pic x)

Went shopping after the Japanese Buffet.
Was planning to get some miAdidas shoes done but they ended up not doing and decided to go for Nike shoes =.=
We then went for shopping while Bel and Melvin left and went back to dad's office.
I promised myself not to spend on anything and just window shopping.
But I just couldn't resist. =.=
Went to the Cosmetics department @ Parkson wanted to find something for cee's friend.
We both ended up getting ourselves the Benetint from Benefit.
I always love this and wanted to get one.
Its actually a stain for cheek and lips that will give you a natural red lips and cheek.
It was also said that it is waterproof, kiss proof, smear proof.
So the both of us went Badminton with our make up in order to try if its really waterproof and sweat proof.
Not kidding.. Super water proof.. It lasts like 6 hours and did not fade.. >.<>
And regarding the Kiss proof, she will have to try it with his bf and let me know.. hahahaha x)

I also bought myself the whole kit for UV gel nails =.=
Please forgive me.. I just love those gel nails so so so much..
It wont make your nails turn yellow and it will actually make your nails more stronger.
And for those who love to bite their finger, it will actually prevent them to do so.
aaaaahhhhhh I just love it so much.
I spent rm200 to get my nails done and getting myself the whole UV gel nails kit is almost the same price like doing it in the shop.
So why not x)

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