Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is the chemistry there? Yes? No? Maybe?

~~ Merry Christmas Everyone !!~~
I thought my Christmas eve's celebration will be bored and dull. But luckily we had this plan of hanging out for dinner, or else i'll be rotting at home =x Wanted to go to TGI Friday but it was fully booked a week ago before Christmas so we ended up going to Bubba Gum. Not as bad as we thought, but the food a bit errrrrr not that appealing. Not many choices they have there. But I had fun guys, Thanks a lot. =3 Thanks for being so co-operative too :)

* and sorry for the incident that happened, it was really a misunderstanding.

Okay the Bugs and the CHIPMUNK =.=

hahahahah Candid by Max. Weird smile but I like it.. thanks :)
The rainbow team.. Where is ms. yellow.. Suppose to be SOTONG
Hahahahah Mr. Omega replaced sotong.. T_T
Kuey teow and Sotong
Kuey Teow, Sotong, Kung Fu Panda and the 2 Cockroach
Bugs, Sotong and the Kuey Teow. wakakakka =D
you both are short ...
The Goup Pic
Thanks bel. you really can snap better than that guy
Thanks ya all :)
Bel and her present
The 3 musketeers :)
Sotong :)
Kuey Teow :)
P1-08 =.= only 4 of us.. swt
Can you spot the similarities?
Tommy's Gf and Sotong
Chubby !!!
2 sapo
Funny couples XD
The Brother Bear =3
The Sisters :)
Drunk??? LOL... you look so.... ahem ahem
What's so funny??
wahhhh so yeng ar.. waiting for someone??
*peace* yum yum

I've decided to cut my fringe since I've had the same hair style for almost a year. Sick of it.. It's time to have some changes. :)
yea yea I know, it doesn't suit me but I've already did it. accept it.. wakakakakka =D and stop laughing. I'm not lala pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Stop saying that =.=
One good thing about it, no eyebrow pencil needed anymore.. LOL. Though I knew I look more chubby=.=


Is that just for fun or you are taking it seriously?
I hope this is a joke and I do hope it is real too *confuse*
I don't know what you feel when you did that.
but anyhow, Merry xmas, xoxo.

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