Saturday, January 23, 2010


Went to gym early in the morning. Freaking 9AM.
Then, we went to KLCC cause Bel wanted to shop for her valentine's day gift. Speaking of which, this is another lonely valentines of mine T_T

Waited for Bel's friend- Stephanie for lunch. She was rushing for her spanish class so she only joined us for lunch.

Finally, Bel decided to buy a key ring from Tiffany & Co. It was a globe and planet key ring. They discontinued it so it was stored in safe and no longer in the display shelves. But, Bel get them to sell her as the last customer.. OMG. That key ring cost her like RM525. *fainted* Nevermind, she is filthy rich but I'm not..

But, I found myself a 21-year-old birthday present. The Tiffany & Co.'s Charm bracelet.. Wuuuu.. Super nice but extremely expensive. I always wanted a charm bracelet. Like adding a cute little charm during special occasion.. That will be memorable!~


It's been a long time since we had dinner with dad so we decided to go for CRAB tonight.. wakkakakak =D My all-time favorite food :) Only 3 of us but we ordered way too much food. Only get to took some pictures cause I was busy eating.. haha X)

Mantis Prawn.. Yumeeeeeee ~

Not my vege but this what they have... >.<

Salted egg Crab *love love*

Sweet & Sour crabbie~ *drooolingggg*

Man Tau

Seaweed soup.
A dinner without soup is never perfect ~!

I know I was suppose to eat less but I'm sorry. I just can't miss crab... T_T Will start tomorrow I promise.. :(

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