Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad Habit ~ SHOO

My temper ain't good recently. I guess my "friend" is visiting me soon.. I get angry for no reason, no patience at all~ Sorry sorry :(
Went to the gym today. Was running at the cardio zone an
d saw MyFM Dj. She was super tiny standing beside me.. Her bones are like soft shell crab, so fragile~ haha
The gym is still under construction. It's been months since I went tanning.. I want the pool back!!~ Haven't seen Xiao Bai ever since I went back to gym. I guess he was transfered or he quitted his job. Probably because he dislike his new uniform
.. wakakkakaka x)

Only did 45 minutes of running and I have to go. Need
to fetch my sis :( was bathing and all a sudden the electric was off.. DAMN~ I couldn't see anything.. I have shampoo all over my body and coincidently it was off peak time.. Not many people at the gym. The shower room is freaking big and that makes it more scary. I quickly shower off the shampoo and run to my locker.. It was at the inner corner. The scariness increased. WTF~ I was shivering in my towel and i couldn't find my key.. I guess I dropped somewhere when I was running. zzzz How am I going to find my key in such a dark area. I waited for around 20 minutes shivering until the elect
ric recovers. I was sneezing non stop and when the electric is back that means the air-cond is back too. Super cold~ Today only I realized that I'm afraid of dark~ Haha


Been eating a lot recently and ignoring all the diet plans.. I even tried 4 times of fast food in a week. I did not increase in my weight but then some of my pants are tight.. sob sob. I look so plum in photos. Some said it's because of my bangs but everytime I look in the mirror and realized that my face has transformed from a moon t
o a ball..>.<

I'm in my one month detox programme. But I did not care about what I ate. I eat whatever I want and I even took McD..T_T I really should stop
consuming food in between meals. No more junk food. Less meat and NO MORE FAST FOOD. Wish me luck. I've lost the determination that I used to have. Not only in this matter but in every form. I've became more and more lazy. All I
did was just movie and FB.. sigh~ I really should get my ass back to my work.

Pretty tired today, off to bed now


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